About Me

Just a dog mom that enjoys creating beautiful art with flowers and especially enjoys resin because of the versatility thereof. The options are never ending! Happily living in Cape Town with my 3 mini schnauzers.

Facts About Resin

* Natural resin mostly comes from trees.

* It take 12+ hours for resin to cure to the point where the resin can be handled. It will fully cure in several days, depending on different resins.

* Resin may change color over time, turning a yellowish color.

* The resins available in SA are UV stable but not heat resistant, it is best to store your resin pieces in dark places.

* Real flowers and leaves are used in our process, causing imperfections, because all off them have their own marks and tears.

* The imperfection make each piece unique.

* Flowers and leaves needs to be dried first before being used.

* If you want a custom order, feel free to Contact Us. Lead time for custom orders are about a week.

* Color on photos can slightly differ from the real colors.